ATX squared: Austin documentary photography project

I shot these a couple weeks ago as part of ATX Squared, an Austin docu photography project with a ton of photographers, each shooting a three block area of East Austin around 12th & Chicon.

In 1928, the city of Austin approved a plan to block general services to black residents unless they moved to East Austin, it remained that way for about 60 years. Once an enclave for the black community, now a rapidly changing neighborhood currently riding the tides of gentrification.

Our assignment was to simply engage. Talk to people. Capture the environment, and notice. These are some of the people I met

Corps Multiple

I've recently set up a portrait photography studio in my home and i wanted to share our first go at it. Plus, these evocative french artists are creating things and i think you should check them out

finally i'd like to insert a little haiku for you below. that is all, lots of LOVE to YOU today 

true love lives in me 

it fortifies my heart first 

then the water runs

Portrait + Headshots


There's usually a face behind the work, so lets face it (pun intended) most of us need a portrait, headshot or profile picture to support that thing we're doing out there in the world. If you're like me, your portrait might be outdated or just not feel right and that's where I come in. I'd like to shoot you, being radically you to support that thing your making, doing or giving. Yes we're talking photos here but it's also the face of your work so let's get something special! I'm running a thing (I don't want to call it a deal because that feels gross but you know what I mean) check it out:



45 min session 

3 high res downloads 



She can arrive without hesitation and abandoned with out remorse - quite literally the nectar we all hope to embody in our dancing. So when you get a chance to shoot such a highly skilled and dedicated mover, you jump right at that chance and hope beautiful things happen. I think they may have here...